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"ROi leadership training not only helped to develop a more meaningful relationship with my peers, but also caused me to be introspective and consider who I am in comparison to who I strive to be as a person and businessman. This is an outstanding program!"

Monty Norton - Vice President, Solidus

ROi Leadership provides cost effective, innovative leadership solutions to businesses and organizations in the New England area.

We develop people and build business. Without specialized Leadership Development Training, most companies fail to reach their full potential. ROi provides solutions that focus on building business by developing people. Our innovative E.P.I.C. Training System has been designed with the goal of producing a lasting, positive impact on professionals within an organization.

With over 40 years of experience serving notable companies such as Bank of America, McDonalds, Toyota, and HP, we pride ourselves on improving the lives and well being of our clients and their employees. To find out what the E.P.I.C. Training System can do for your organization, please visit the links to the right.

For more information or to schedule a demo, we have several ways to contact us.