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ROi Leadership  - New England


This program focuses on the core values of an individual and an organization in an effort to connect the two for increased productivity and efficiency. We will be dealing with issues of the heart and how they impact decisions and workplace practices.


This program is designed for one day. Content is focused on defining and developing E.P.I.C. traits in individuals, developing a personal purpose statement and understanding and implementing the organization's core values.

Key Benefits

  • Increase understanding of the core values of the organization
  • Integrate an individual's core values with those of the organization
  • Establish practices for sound decision making at every level
  • Develop a system to work through the ethical dilemmas that seem to be a regular part of work life
  • Understand ethics, principles, integrity and character
  • Develop a personal purpose statement with regard to the organization


Program Components

Pre-work one day workshop.

Participant Responsibilities

This program is designed for those in decision making roles within an organization. They will need to understand the core values of the company and have a personal code of ethics that they can define and articulate. Before the session, each participant should review the company's core values and practices.

Management Support

Participant's manager will be expected to have a one on one with each participant to assure that expected outcomes are in operation.

Participant Resources

Workbook, core Values statement.