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ROi Leadership  - New England


This program teaches fundamental skills for working as a manager. The main focus of the day will be on Behavioral Styles and Time Management. When these two basics are in place, managers can effectively lead and maximize the potential of their people.


This program is a part of the E.P.I.C. Training Program and is designed for a one day workshop. It is very interactive in its structure.

Key Benefits

  • Increase understanding of yourself and others
  • Establish foundations for hiring and proper assignments of staff
  • Develop effective relationships with team members to enhance management effectiveness
  • Improve productivity and efficiency and reduce stress through priority strategies


Program Components

Pre-work one day workshop DiSC profile.

Participant Responsibilities

This program is designed for managers, team leaders and those who work in a team setting. Participants will complete a DiSC Profile during the day and will interact with others to enhance the learning process.

Management Support

Attendees' managers will be provided with a one page summary of the program's results and expected outcomes. Managers will be asked to discuss the results and opportunities in a one on one session after the program.

Participant Resources

DiSC Profile, workbook.