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ROi Leadership  - New England


This session focuses on strategic skills and characteristics for those who aspire to leadership in any organization. This workshop will also address the foundational EPIC principles of leadership; Ethics, Principles, Integrity and Character.


The program design is a half-day workshop training for all who are in leadership or who are being groomed for leadership in the organization. Participants will all be expected to participate in the discovery process that is a part of the session.

Key Benefits

  • Learn the basis of EPIC leadership
  • Define leadership
  • Consider the characteristics of respected leaders
  • Present the 5 strategies for effective leaders
  • Discover the leadership development progression


Program Components

Pre-work half-day workshop.

Key Learning Activities

Small group discussions and conclusions.

Participant Responsibilities


Management Support

Each participant's manager will be expected to have a one-on-one with each attendee to set a plan to implement concepts and techniques learned in the training.

Participant Resources

Workbook action learning exercises.