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ROi Leadership  - New England


The pace of change in today's environment has made it difficult for people to manage, understand and cope with change in organizations. This program is designed to enhance skills and knowledge that will enable attendees to lead and effectively manage people through change.


This program is designed to be delivered as a half-day workshop with post program activities.

Key Benefits

  • Develop and demonstrate an understanding of effective people leadership during times of change
  • Identify the implication of change for people in their teams
  • Understand why people resist change and implement constructive strategies to overcome barriers
  • Develop and apply frameworks and tools to support teams and individuals through change
  • Develop effective leadership skills on the job


Program Components

Pre-work case study half-day workshop.

Key Learning Activities

Say hello to someone.

Participant Responsibilities

Develop an action plan for dealing with change in your organization. Anticipate company needs and the areas that require planning efforts.

Management Support

Managers are asked to work together to see and convey change as an opportunity for their people and organization to grow. They are expected to recognize those elements of change that may cause growing pains and deal constructively with those elements.

Participant Resources

Workbook, action learning exercises.