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ROi Leadership  - New England


This program has two basic aims: to provide managers with a better understanding of how to communicate ideas and information with clarity and impact, and to give a system for resolving the potential conflicts that might arise between people.


This program is designed to be delivered as a half-day workshop.

Key Benefits

  • Learn techniques that improve the quality and flow of communication
  • Learn how to create an atmosphere of personal trust and respect through meaningful communication
  • Know the five conflict resolution styles
  • Know when and when not to use each conflict resolution style
  • Know the Five-Step Conflict Resolution Process
  • Know the benefits of well-managed conflict


Program Components

Half-day workshop.

Participant Responsibilities

Participants are responsible for applying conflict resolution and communication techniques back in the workplace with fellow employees.

Management Support

Managers and participants are asked to discuss future roles and outcomes in a one-on-one setting after the program. They will be encouraged to actively look for ways to implement the learning, chart the results and create a more efficient and calm workplace.

Participant Resources

Workbook, DiSC profile.