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ROi Leadership  - New England


This program focuses on developing a greater ability to work together with people both within teams and with other areas of the organization.


The program design is based on a half-day workshop and has been developed as an interactive learning experience.

Key Benefits

  • Know the 15 Characteristics of Effective Teams
  • Know how to create an effective team
  • Be aware of the obstacles that could prevent teamwork and resolve them
  • Know the stages of the team development process
  • Identify the status of your team in the team development process
  • Have a Checklist for Course Correction when your team gets distracted
  • Apply knowledge of behavioral styles to teamwork


Program Components

Pre-work: DiSC profile half-day workshop.

Participant Responsibilities

This program is designed for team leaders and managers who have leadership responsibility. To ensure the full extent of learning takes place, participants are expected to have completed the DiSC profile and bring the results with them to the session.

Management Support

None required.

Participant Resources

Workbook, DiSC profile.