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ROi Leadership  - New England

Mission: What We Do

We develop people and build business. Without specialized Leadership Development Solutions, most companies fail to reach their full potential. ROi provides solutions that focus on building business by developing people. The ROi Leadership E.P.I.C. Training System has been designed with the goal of producing a lasting, positive impact on professionals at all levels within an organization.

Vision: What We See

We see thousands of organizations functioning at a higher level as a direct result of our innovative training programs. In particular, we see measurable improvements in productivity, work atmosphere, interpersonal skills, attitude, activation of Core Values and bottom line results. Our E.P.I.C. Training System aggressively develops soft skills while simultaneously instilling ethics, principles, integrity and character. We are establishing 100 ROi Leadership Training Centers in locations around the world.

Commitment: Who We Are

ROi is a group of entrepreneurs whose goal is to facilitate change: individual, organizational; economic and governmental. We believe that we can touch the heart of people, organizations and cities through our strategic alliances and initiatives. Our network of professionals are uniquely trained and prepared to lead this venture.

ROi Core Values


We are passionate about keeping our word - saying what we are going to do and doing what we say. Everything is built on a foundation of truth. Integrity means having the competence to only make commitments we know how to keep and the character to keep them. A person of integrity has the courage to immediately inform those affected when commitments are not going to be met. However; integrity goes deeper than truth and honesty. Integrity by definition is the state or quality of being entire or complete; wholeness. From that standpoint we desire to have our outward actions match our Core Values at all times. We will live on the outside like we think on the inside.


We believe that a deep satisfaction comes from doing meaningful work to the best of our God-given abilities. We recognize that those we influence will never rise to a higher level of excellence than what they observe in us; so we will strive for excellence in all we do. There will be times that this will cost us more money; or time; or effort; yet we have determined to not shortcut the outcome by a lack of excellence.

Servant Leadership

Our focus is on serving others. We understand that only through the act of serving do we earn the right to lead. ROi exists to develop people and to build business. Our attention is on others; and when our affiliates; clients; customers and friends succeed, so do we.

Lasting Relationships

Delivering on our mission can only be achieved by building and sustaining lasting relationships with all of our stakeholders. Our goal is to provide excellent service and products; but beyond that it is to develop each of those customers and clients into friends. At that level we can provide more of the heart felt needs for individuals and companies.


Above all else; we will have fun.